This product is Multi-function Alarm/Flashlight for AUTO. 
Integration of five functions:
  • High-Brightness LED Flashlight
  • High-frequency of  red warning lights
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Safety Hammer
  • Powerful magnet

Power supply: 2*AA batteries 
LED:  red-lighted LED
Brightness: 3000-5000mcd
Neon bulb: single bulb 2.5V 0.3A
Longevity of batteries: LED only, about 36 hours continuously. Neon bulb only, about 4 hours continuously
Weight of majority: 200g
Color: Yellow

Usages and Functions
  • Install 2*AA batteries in accordance with the sign of the product, then close the lid tightly
  • Press the neon switch 1, turning on the head light to illuminate
  • Press LED 2, LED light blink
  • If get trouble at night, use the magnet on the back of auto to alarm
  • If get accident and can not untie the self-belt, use the reamer to cut self-belt off to flee
  • If get in accident and can not open the windows, use the hammer to break the windows

Every purchase contain
1 multi-function emergency light

RM45 with FREE postage all over Malaysia

Additonal info
This device should be placed in the auto to be used in case of emergency. Please do not carry it with oneself. This device is water resistant and is not intended to be submerged. Remove batteries when not in use and re-install when needed.